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10 Years
Oct 20, 2009
Hillsvale, Nova Scotia
My simon wants to buy a breeding pair of black spanish turkeys...... the gentleman said the hen laid 30 eggs last season but its hard to get info on these birds... guy says the birds are 2 years old and he wants 100. a bit high in our area but very rare so not odd if they lay as expected....?

our breeding trio of royal palms laid over 200 eggs last year! are my turkeys weird, or are the black spanish just odd or am I missing something?

well since I am usualy the buyer...

I bought a breeding trio at 200+++ eggs per year so I asked my Simon to get a phone number and clarify!

Seems odd to me but he (the current but second owner) obviously bought them and hasn't bred them... we got a phone number so will clarifty but hope others pop on.. perhaps its not so odd for these birds lol
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Also, if you just look for black turkeys, you may have better luck than spanish black. The black turkey got the name "spanish black" because the were so popular in spain.
spanish black (even blacks) are very rare around the maritime provinces... I agree it seems fairly steep but I suppose if you look at it from an availability standpoint...

We paid 100 for a breeding trio of Royal Palms and blue slate poults were 20. each!

I won't mind so much if we can get a good price for the poults.... regardless Simon has decided he wants them so I guess I am building a new breeding pen! and since he hasn't complained about the four goats and two prego katahdin ewes I have bought in the last month....
If I wanted them then I would get them. I'm not sure of the money conversion but here in Texas a breeding pair of heritage turkeys would be $80-$100 USD. You are kinda stuck out on an island so I would take what I could get! lol I don't have any blacks but I think they are beautiful!
Island?... nope!

Nova Scotia has 55 thousand square kilometers.... its 7 times the size of Rhode Island and about 60% the size of Florida and has quite an urban upbeat population.... now Prince Edward Island which is just off NS is another thing
So enough of the geography lesson

I think that lots of people just buy the "popular" breeds and leave the rest behind, we are tryng to help ensure the rare birds (and chickens, geese, pigs, goats... sheep
) continue.

Anyway... we drive the 3 hour round trip to a NOT urban area and bought the birds ... they area beautiful so I guess I am building a new breeding pen, least I can do for Simon who is now cleaning the house in anticipation for some local friends.

Thanks for the help. and we are onward and uward to 4 sets of breeding heritage turkey breeds.

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