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11 Years
Mar 5, 2011
Traverse City, MI
I gave a friend one of my hens about a month ago and she just called me today saying something was wrong. When I got there I noticed that she won't put any weight on one of her legs and she looks really lethargic. My friend told me she'd been doing that for a few days, thanks for telling me sooner! I used a dropper to get some water in her and now that I have her back home she did eat a little and try to move around but I am really worried. I checked out her feet, leg, wing etc. and can't find anything obvious.

Any ideas?
I dont know if this is possible but to me it sounds kinda like a stroke. I dont know if chickens can get these
Any animal with a circulatory system can get a stroke since it is a blood clotting an atery to the brain for a brief period.

I'd give her a round of antibiotics in case it is an internal infection of some sort, and if she doesn't improve, it is highly possible she had a stroke.

Depending on the severity, she can make a partial or full recovery. I wish you the best in nursing her back to health!
No, nothing. When I hold her and feel her body she doesn't seem to have any pain. It is really only when she walks that you can tell. Her eyes are clear, nothing seems swollen or hot. I did however notice that the eye thing is actually on the opposite side of the hurt leg. Could she have simply sprained something and it just needs to heal?
She finally get up and ate a fair amount but really does not want to put a lot of weight on her leg. Could it be her hip. If so does anyone know what I would be feeling for?
Could she have slipped the tendon? Do a search here on slipped tendons to find info on diagnosis and resetting. It usually happens in young birds, but it is still a possibility. If she did slip a tendon, it needs immediate repair; if you wait too long it cannot be fixed.

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