HELP!! Hen getting worse

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    Please give advise. I have a 11 mo ameracauna hen that just started laying last month. Today I went to the coop and she acts dizzy ,cant walk well and ends up on her head or laying on her side. She also has diarrea. she is not eating well. She cant seem to stand in her legs. Her eyes look bright and her comb pink. She hasnt laid in 3 days. She has been doing great and actually got some status in the flock when she started laying. Please help she seems to be going downhill fast. Thanks
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    I am not any good at treating medical issues, but at the very least you need to bring her into the house, and try to give her some Pedialyte so she doesn't get dehydrated. If you can't get her to eat you can tempt her by making a bowl of oatmeal mixed with a scrambled egg, yogurt, and laying feed--you can cook all this together in the microwave; just make sure you cool it down before you give it to her. If she won't drink the Pedialyte, mine seem to like their water better when it has apple cider vinegar in it.

    She might just have a little bug, but it could be something worse, like being eggbound. You'll need to look up the symptoms and try to narrow it down.

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