Help... Hen has stopped laying and won't come out of the nesting box


9 Years
Jan 20, 2011
Woke up this morning ready to set my plan in action and she is in the common area with the other ladies having something to eat......perhaps this ordeal is over...will keep you posted.


9 Years
Apr 15, 2010
Annapolis County, Nova Scotia
I have two Serama hens, only young, have been laying for a few months now, and have gone Co-Broody. It's quite funny, they are in the same nest, flat as pancakes, hissing and fanning their tails when I come near. No eggs of their own, but each day one of the Orpingtons must kick them out for a while as she lays her egg in "their" nest. It's always there under them when I check in the afternoon. I haven't tried any thing to break them yet, going to let them go for a while to see if they would actually last long enough to hatch an egg.

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9 Years
Jan 20, 2011
she sseems broody to me take and put her by food and water twice a day other then that she will work herself out of it in her own time. if you think she is egg bound you should notice her tail moving up and down and her feathers all poofy. this will help the egg bound try getting a small dog crate and put it in a quiet place, place a pan of hot (not boiling)water in the crate place wire (strong enough to support bird)over the pan and a small towel over the wire, then add bird,check water every hour or so as to make sure it stays hot. hope this helps

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