Help! Hen sounding like a goose, is it a cough?

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    Need some advice. I am new to this chicken thing and I have now found myself very attached. My Austrolorph is acing totally normal but is making a cough sound of noise that is best described as a goose honk. I am in MN so we are in the dead of winter. What can I do? Do I need to separate her from the other 4 girls? If I do it would have to be in the garage and then how do I ever get her back outside? I am very nervous about this. Any advice would be great.
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    My Buff Orpington used to do that. At first it was unnerving, but then some others reported that they had the same experience. She seemed to kind of grow out of it and was perfectly healthy through the whole thing. Is your bird acting otherwise normally and looking healthy? Is it a constant sound or a just once in a while sound?

    Edited to say I just re-read and saw that your bird was acting normally.
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