Help Henrietta is missing and left her eggs!


10 Years
Jan 15, 2010
Southern Minnesota
Our oldest and most crotchety old hen who refuses to live with the other chickens set a clutch in an empty garbage can. We've checked on her every morning, noon, and night. Tonight she's not there. I told my boys not to worry I'd start the incubator so we could have her babies.

Well 6 of them are infertile without a doubt. But that leaves one solid black egg that I can't even see an airspace on. And another that has a floating dark area also no clear airspace. Are they fertile? Are they alive? She's a New Hampshire Red and 4 years old, she really has become one of our favorites and I knew it was a risk letting her stay in there. But she went missing in the middle of the day!

Last summer she laid all her eggs in a "nest" made from a box of my husbands high school stuff in the garage. That is also where she went to roost. We'd have to carry her from the garage to the coop every night. She is smart enough to get in and out of the fence while the rest of the flock stays behind. And she survives mostly off of foraging. She's one awesome old chick!

Our rooster Wyatt is from the same chick order as her, and apparently his juice isn't flowing like it used to! He is a dominique who's seen better days, but loves and protects his ladies.

Anyway, have any thoughts on the eggs? Are they baby Henriettas or stink bombs? Incubator is heating up!

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