Help! How best to care for premature (broken aircell shell) chicks ?


9 Years
Aug 2, 2010
I opened the eggs on air cell side under the guilt of letting temperature go 110F (may be beyond):

Today (day 22), I candelled them and did not see movement in any except one.
One of them looked like something exploded inside.

So opened it by carefully cracking at the top of air cell. Its full grown chick with hair that looked like exploded thing on candelling.

Then broke another rule by panicking and opening other 3 at the air cell:

1 internally pipped and breathing -
1 seems like blood, I may have picked on membrane
1. still with blood vessels in the membrane - no blood leaking

I am leaving all 3 with wet towel wrapped around.
Is there anything else I should (or should not) do to take care of these little one and hope for the best ?

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