HELP! how many eggs can a hen set on?!


8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
West Texas
I have 24 eggs that I would like to hatch, and only one broody hen...can she set on this many?! This is my first time, and I truly have no idea what I'm doing yet. Any advice would be so appreciated!

Thank you!
What kind of hen? I heard that silkies can hatch 8 eggs. I don't think a hen can hatch 24... but I'll let someone else tell you what they know, not what I think.
8-12 large eggs seems about right on an average sized hen. My broody Red took 14 with no trouble. Lacey did better with 8. I started her with more and let's just say, that's the reason she only had 5 eggs left on day 21.
the hen is either an Easter Egger or a Buff Orpington (i'm borrowing her from a friend). i may see if there is another broody hen out there for me to borrow & i'll put 12 eggs under each one

thanks y'all!
When I was a kid we had a huge light brahma hen that hatched out over two dozen chicks... I suppose it depends upon the size of the hen and how gently she sets on them.

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