Help!!!!..... how many quail???


6 Years
Jan 9, 2014
Miami, FL
Hi guys, I just finished building a quail cage that is 4 feet long by 2 feet wide and 2 feet high. My plan is to keep 10 Coturnix quail in that space. Williby overcrowding them? I'm new to the Quail game and I would appreciate any and all help.
Really you are, technically that would be for 8. I run them very overcrowded (100 or so in a 16 sq ft brooder) when young but when they get to breeding age they need to have about 1 square foot per bird or they may bloody one another up..
So, I'm looking at 8 then. Can I do 2 males and 6 females? Or just play it safe and cut it short with 1 male and 5 females?
YOu don't need two males. one male can cover 7 hens with 95%+ humidity. If running two males you need to up sq footage to 2-3 sq ft per bird so they don't feel encroached upon. Roosters must be raised together from hatch to get along in most cases.

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