Help!! How to put in window??


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Hello and Good Afternoon,

Long story short, I bought a window at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore ($2) and so now I have to build a frame and put hinges on it so I can open it since they didn't have any sliding windows that would fit.

What next?? do you know any online tutorials to help me frame it and install it?
Sigh, I've been looking but can't find a "Get this, do this, do that, use this thing and install and look at your pretty window and be the envy of your friends"

If you can imagine that!! lol Thanks for your help!! We live in a hot weather climate so I want lots of ventilation and air flow for the girls. I knew I didn't know a lot of about building stuff, but Wow, There is so much nitty gritty stuff like attaching the walls to the roof when you have the cross beams and how big are the coop doors going to be and how are we going to make the ramp go so it's not too steep and so forth. sigh, back to work on the other wall. I look forward to your input and help!! Thank you for all the advice so far, it's been wonderful!!

Does the window have a wooden or metal frame? I'm not great at framing out windows myself so, what I did for several of my coops is cut a hole smaller than the frame of the windows and then trim out the window as follows:
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Rain is not a huge huge concern. The yearly average is 6". However we will be putting the hinge at the top because otherwise, it has to go at the bottom. I'm getting excited to see the coop making progress. Hubs is putting up roofing shingles today, hopefully cutting the pop doors out, and I am going to work more on that window. Now I'm wishing they had had a smaller window!! It's like 20"x35"-ish.

Guess it's time to go back outside!!

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