help! huge cyst under hens wing!

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    Dec 8, 2012
    If anyone has dealt with cysts on thier chickens, please help!! My hen has a huge cyst (i think it might be bigger than a golfball) under her wing, in her armpit. The worst part is that apparently the cyst busted, and now she is eating /pecking at it. Its turned black where she has been bothering it and it smells bad. Ive smelled worse things, so maybe its not that bad yet. I think the cold weather has helped. But now it getting warm again and shes acting a little sick so i brought her in and gave het some ibprofen and antibiotics. ..poor thing. I dont really know what to do, i dont think i can cut it out myself and i dont want to cull. If i could cull i would do the surgery. Btw, It not mereks.
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    Could you post a picture of the cyst? It could also be an abscess from an injury or peck wound. If it is a syst or tumor, then I would wonder if she might have Mareks disease or avian leukosis which can cause tumors. Since it smells bad, maybe it is an abscess. She may need some antibiotics such as penicillin, clavamox, or even better ones from a vet.

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