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    May 26, 2009
    humidity in our incubator (Lg) has been slowly decreasing since we put our eggs in about 10 days ago. it started at 45% or so and now is ~34%. i read something somewhere on dry hatching for the beginning period then cranking it up for the hatch(day 18+).
    is 34% too low? am i endangering our chicks? what is an acceptable humidity level for both before and after day 18?
    we candled the eggs a day or two ago and it was looking much more promising than our last hatch. of the 4 we looked at all had veining. we have 41 in there, should i lower my expectations now that i've had this humidity drop?
    i learned so much since joining this forums and i figured if anyone could help it would be here? thanks again!
    drew & julie

    edit: dang wrong forum topic, please move to hatching, sry
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    Mar 15, 2009
    34% is fine. Just don't let it go below 25%. Do a search on dry incubation and you should find some good posts about it. I've done mine between 45% and 25%, not letting it get over 45% till close to hatch, and refilling when it got close to 25%. Works quite well.

    Good luck. Lots of great information on these forums. I never imagined I'd be hatching chicks in incubators I built myself, but here I am, and it's so much fun!

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