Help-I’m losing my quail :(

Green Bean Quail

Nov 13, 2019
Hey all.
So, due to COVID I had to leave my home and move to an apartment, and the landlord said he’s not allowing quail. Due to the circumstances, however I can keep them until August/September. On top of all that, Cashew died last night, for reasons I have no idea about but I did a quick examination and it looks like she bonked too hard. She was the only one bonking and never adjusted well to being outside, but I’m losing confidence in my ability to even keep the quail alive at this point. All I have left are Rosetta. pip, Blondie and Scarface. They’re all molting so I’m not worried about oversexing right now, but I’m so scared of where I’m going to put my birds when the times is up. I contacted local farms and they won’t take them because they aren’t free range accessible. Does anyone have any people in the Wisconsin area willing to take them?

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