Help I don't know what to do!

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    Jun 24, 2016
    My hen was attacked last night. Her whole face and head is raw flesh. Covered in scabs and feathers. One of my other hens didn't make it and there's no sign of her. We don't have a local vet that takes chickens. What should I do?

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    Hey @tesia and welcome to BYC!
    It is hard to stay positive when someones flock is in danger if I was you I would've passed out...[​IMG]
    So I am here to help you solve your problem so your hen will be safe. I wasn't sure by that intro what your chicken was attacked by. Do you have any idea what animal attacked it? Were there any tracks? You said one of your chickens are missing, do you have any other chickens besides the one that got attacked? One of my hens was attacked like this and I used some TRI-Care Wound Dressing. If you wanna try it out you can buy it here at Jet.Com or search somewhere on the internet.

    I would see if there are any openings in the coop. If there are post a pic onto our Coop and Run Page and our members there can tell you how to fix it I would recommend maybe taking your chicken inside until your coop is finished and putting her in a small room with newspaper on the ground. I hope you solve your dilemma. I also wish you the best of luck!
    Justin [​IMG]
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    So sorry about your experience. In a pinch you can coat the wound with antibiotic ointment that you can get at any drug store. Don't get the kind that has the pain relief added. Secluded th injured bird in a quiet dark location. Feed as normal or if she will take it screwedeggs or yogurt (plaim) to Iincrease protein intake. Add electrolites/vitamin to her water. You can get pedia lite (for children) and polys vita sol (also for children).

    Next inspect your coop and run and reinforce as needed.

    Good luck.

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