Help! I dont know what to do.

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  1. kitty22496

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    May 3, 2016
    First off I can't afford a vet right now.

    I have a hen and her one eye had gunk on it and her lid was a little swollen I gently cleaned it with warm lightly salted water(saline) and she was fine she could really open it all the way because of the swelling but all the gunk was gone.
    Now her eye is swollen double size and is closed with more white crusty gunk.
    I dont know what to do. It's to dark to take a picture but I could try using my flash to get a ok picture.

  2. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    Try cleaning the eye, flushing with saline or eye drops and apply some antibiotic ointment. Hopefully it is just an infection of some sort.
  3. Sony57

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    Nov 17, 2014
    Hello Kitty,

    I agree with sourland; keep the eye clean and add antibiotic neosporin to the eye. If you are able I would go to TSC or another feed store and pick up tetracycline eye ointment. I have read on multiple sites that tetracycline is the same as neosporine,but I personally would opt for tetracycline.

    I would also immediately isolate the bird from others as a precaution. Many respiratory diseases manifest in the eye first. This is not to say it is a respiratory disease, but better safe than sorry! Also, birds tend to pick on the weaker ones so isolation is usually in the best interest of the sick bird. Further, it ensures that the bird has unobstructed access to her water and food.

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