Help I Don't Know Whats Happening !!!!!


10 Years
Oct 28, 2009
Beverly Hills, CA
Ok, so I got my shipment from IDEAL yesterday. After setting chicks in brooder, on of my silkies was drowzy and slept, he died during the night. I thought oh well, these things happen, and i was only ONE. Well know, a few hours later a RIR packing peanut started laying down not moving, breathing fast...he died like 5 minutes ago !!! NOW MY SULTAN !! is drowsy laying down, but at the moment if knocked by another chick will pick its head up and then put it down....he has been doing this a couple hours after the RIR started !!

what scares me is, this morning....they were up and round... eating drinking playing..... now dead.

they RIR died with a full crop.. so I know he was eating, the sultan has a crop too...

please help, I dont want to loose this looking chick
Are they too hot? Can they get away from the heat source if they need to? Maybe try adding a little bit of vitamin drop to the water. I'm so sorry for your losses.
They have a lot of room away from the heat, and they were vaccinated agaist mareks and they were give the green supplement jello looking thing ..... there was some of that in the waterer from yesterday....could that be it ??
I am a complete newbie also but have you checked what the temp is in your brooder. Could they maybe be too cold? I had one gosling die like that this year. Was fine and messy and loud and an hour later was dead.

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