Help! I found Duck Eggs


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
My relative were fishing in my backyard (Yes, we have a pond) and scared away a mother duck. I watched the egg from my window for a couple hours no mother. I took the eggs inside and put them in a cardboard box. I dont have an incubator so I put a lamp over them. I know they are fertilized but not sure if alive. I tried candling them, most show a blob with a another darker blob in the middle that has veins streching out. One of them when I rotate the egg the blob always floats to the top. Really would like them to survive or my relative would feel guilty about scaring away the mother if they eggs died.
The mother would have came back eventually. I would have left them in that situation. Now without an incubator they will probably die.

Anyways you have them now so, you need a thermometer in the box on top of the eggs , the temp should be at 100-102. You also need to enclose it . and add a dish of water to keep the humidity up. Once you get them comfortably warm. Search on here on how to make a home made incubator and make one. It would almost be impossible to hatch those eggs with out making/purchasing an incubator. There are some here made from styrofoam coolers that cost about 20 to make.

Good luck
I assume you are in Canada by your name. I am also a canadian, what would the odds be that you are close and could use my incubator!? I'm in Ontario.
Unfourtunetly I moved, I used to live in canada and this is the username I've been using for years I now live in the US. Thanks for the offer really appreciate it
Where are you living now? Go to the Where am I? Where are you! thread and find the state you live in and post for some help. I'm sure you'll find someone in your area that can incubate the eggs for you. What kind of duck is it? You might have a set of eggs that would be illegal to have, if so contact a local wildlife group and see if they'll take them and incubate them.

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