10 Years
Sep 4, 2009
We had 14 chickens and every afternoon, while we're around we let them free range. We leave them up at the barn and check on them once and awhile. A few minutes ago I saw feathers scattered everywher. (Just to let you know we're not farmers and our chickens are our pets, we love them) There was one dead SLW on the ground, she was still warm. There was another SLW on the ground and she was dead. We only had 3 SLW, 3 BA, 3 RIR, 2 White leghorns, and 2 silkies. None of the other chickens were in the coop or in the barn. Gradually one by one all the BAs came back, all the RIRs, only one leghorn, and we found the last SLW on the ground half dead. SHe is the one I am worried about. Above her wing she has a bite mark, a littlle blood. We have put some peroxide on it and we put her in on a blanket in a seperate stall. She is barely breathing,but she's drinking alittle water. Should we see what happens our put her out of her misery.
Also one of the leghorns is still out there, dead or alive, we dont know. I am hoping she comes back.

If I see even one fishercat I am going to get my dad to shoot it! I hate Fishercats! THey are so selfish, killing all those chickens for their fun! They didn't even eat the SLW's just killed them!! I am so angry and sad and confused, any advice?

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