Help! I have a brooding guinea!

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by wawasmama, Apr 7, 2011.

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    HELP! I have a guinea hen that is desperate to brood and hardly ever comes out of her nest. She even hisses when I come near her in her nest and freaks out when my dog comes near the fence. Little does she know that two of her eggs are wooden dummy eggs, one is hers that I take ASAP, and the other belongs to my Barred Rock hen who sneaks in during the day to lay (I take that one out ASAP as well). This weekend I'm adding 6 more nesting boxes in the chicken coop so everyone can have their own spot. My question is this: when she's finally able to be alone, should I get some fertile guinea eggs for her to sit on? Is that what she wants?!? Of our three guineas, we're still not sure if one of them is a male so fertility is a question. And the eggs she lays have extremely hard shells, so if she does lay fertile eggs, will the egg shells be too hard for them to hatch? I'm new to guineas and how they behave. Could sure use some sage advice here!!! Thank you!
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    Guinea eggs are naturally hard. It's they way their made. If you want her to hatch and you want more guineas, I would go for it! [​IMG]
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    I'm questioning whether or not she is truly broody. Especially if you live up North. This is awfully early in the season for a Guinea Hen to go broody. She might be giving you grief because she's trying to lay an egg or just the fact you are near her nest, they don't like that.

    Chances are if you disturb her nest or try to relocate her when she is sitting the nest she will leave it. Your best bet is to put her in the coop and keep her up until she lays her egg for the day. Then let her out. You will training her to lay her egg in a much safer place.

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