Help I have a chicken that sounds like she has laryngitis!

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    I noticed her this morning, because she was making this expiratory noise--like a wheeze, so I watched her and then picked her up to listen closely. She sounds as if she has laryngitis! What can I do for her? Thanks in advance!

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    Oh I almost forgot--
    She is 10 months old, RIR/mutt type brown chicken, her eyes look good, she is not panting or mouth breathing, does not seem in any distress. Eating and pooping ok as far as I can tell and yesterday she laid an egg (I know this because EVERYONE laid an egg yesterday (woohoo!). I don't think anyone else has this--i stood there an listened and they are all talking in their usual voices. At first, I thought it was coming from my giant cochin--you know that funny honk sound they make? Well that funny honk sound is now coming out of my RIR.

    They live in a well ventilated coop, no food or water changes. It's cold here, and has been for a while but it's nothing new. Her legs, vent and feathers all look good--no mites or problems.
  3. I don't have an answer but hope someone can help you.
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    Nov 19, 2008
    I'm not an expert on this, but I would start by putting her someplace warm and watching to see if she is eating and drinking well enough on her own. Someone else will chime in with more specifics.
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    I had an easter-egger who would seem to get scratch caught in her throat and sound like that. The first time it happened, I took her to an avian specialist and she anesthetized her and put a scope down her throat. $200. She didn't find anything but mucous. She said the scratch might have gotten caught and caused inflammation. Its happened several more times, and I just waited it out, and it passed. Hopefully yours will work it out too.

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