Help! I have chirping eggs!


Aug 16, 2016
I have had chickens (hens & roosters) for a few years, never had a broody hen until now. She was a chick herself back in February, so she's a first time mom.

I heard chirping in the chicken coop and saw that some eggs had hatched, 11 of them. I wasn't really prepared for this at all! 3 chicks were outside of the box and couldn't get back in, so I decided I needed to move them. When I did, I pulled out the rest of the eggs and put them in the box. I had some things I needed to get done and I needed to research how to properly destroy them so none of them would suffer if there was an embryo in them. When I picked up the box a few hours later, I heard chirping. I immediately brought them in and learned how to candle them. I put all of the dark ones in a box, in the bathroom with my radiant heater turned up to 95 and the humidifier on. Now I'm trying to figure out what to do next.

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