Help! I have mites!!


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Apr 30, 2013
Chickens are about 1 yr old now. Some are really bad and others not so much... Yet. My neighbor told me it was just them molting, but if that's true they've been molting for a very long time. What should I use? And should I build another coop and run until I can kill the mites?
Greetings from Kansas, hrfarms, and
! Great to have you with us! Chickens have their first molt in their second autumn normally - is it autumn where you are? If not, it's not the molt. I've never had occasion to treat for mites - post in the thread below for some precise advice - good luck to you!
It is spring here. I live in Tennessee. I have not seen mites on them. What else could be causing to loose about 50% of feathers?
or they could have lice etc. Have you noticed any of them pulling out their flock mates feathers? Feather pickers can really do a number on each other. Do they seem okay otherwise regarding eating, drinking, activity level, and poo. Have they been wormed?
I just got some seven dust and some wazine 17. The wazine is supposed to be able to de worm them and seven dust is to kill pests. How quick should I start to see this

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