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    Dec 22, 2016
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    OK. So a couple days ago. A family member purchased 2 male ducks and then decided that they were too much work and drop them at my house. I've never had ducks before. I've fallen in love with them already and one of them has started trying to follow me around the house. His name is Flapjack and his brother's name is Wapple.

    All I know about them is that they are roughly 9 month old males. And they were housed in a small bathroom with 4 other ducks and 7 chicken and were only fed Kale. I have gotten some poultry feed from the store but they won't touch it. I have discovered they like apples, Kale, turnip greens, cabbage, collerd greens and mealworms. And they have not passed and solid waste in the 3 days I've had them. They have gone to the bathroom but it's dark green and watery or almost completely clear liquid like water. And as of a few hours ago Flapjack has started acting like his mouth is dry and he like smacks his bill together like you'd do if you have dry mouth. He's not comfortable enough with me yet to let me look in his mouth to see if something might be stuck in there. But everything I've read has got me worried he might be sick and the closest avian vet to me is over an hour away...I was hoping someone on here could help me in anyway I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
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    Your family member is a piece of work, really who does that. I bought some ducks I am bored with them here you take them...

    I don't know about ducks

    Good luck

    Gary from Idyllwild Ca here


    Dec 22, 2016
    Des Moines Iowa

    She bought them and had them for a night. Those conditions were from their original owners. But I agree she is definitely a piece of work
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    Give them back, tell her either take care of them or eat them. By taking them in you make her problems your problems...

    sorry I am kinda blunt....


    Gary from Idyllwild Ca here
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    Ducks need a bowl of water deep enough to dip their bills in over their nostrils......The runny poop is from all the veggies....Try wetting the feed to a soupy mix and add some tomato or peas to entice them...They also need Granite grit....Ducks are easy...Very messy...They also require a pool to bath in, not daily but enough to keep their feathers oiled.....

    A rescue group for livestock animals will take them if you decide they are to much work.....

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    If the feed you bought is pellets - crush it up and sprinkle it with the veggies they are getting to get them used to it. They'll end up getting some when they grab their veggies.
    Are you keeping them inside or do you have an area set up outside for them? What is their setup like at your house?
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    I have 2 ducks that are very messy, even from an 8 hour period of being indoors when they were small (sleeping in garage at night) or as adults, when outside was really cold and I needed to bring them in. I can't imagine a bathroom full of several birds.

    As for the ducks, decide if you want them as indoor or outdoor ducks (if outdoor is a possibility). I don't know the repercussions of making the transition for them, though, so take that into consideration.

    Read up more on this site or other sites and decide if you are able to give them some care and attention that they need. If not, then you might re-home them. If you can, though, you'll definitely find them to be a very enjoyable companion.


    Dec 22, 2016
    Des Moines Iowa

    I was also looking at the food that I got and it wasn't actually for ducks but I just got a different kind this morning and now they are eating it . And I'm planning on keeping them inside because I'm in the process of remodeling my basement so we're going to make them a "bedroom" in the basement right now they roam my upstairs bathroom area. The tub is usually full (which I empty and clean about 4 times a day) they have a couple plastic totes that they use as levels to get in at out of the tub. They have access to food and water all the time. Which I empty and change every few hours or whenever it gets super dirty.
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    You can also post at "show us your house ducks," and get good advice and suggestions - from people who have ideas about what they are doing. Some folks even have indoor geese imagine what they must be like to clean up after.
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