help! I have to find a home for my chickens ASAP! Morgantown, IN


9 Years
Aug 16, 2010
I am praying that someone on here can help me out! I would rather my chickens go to a home where they are loved and cared for than to just anybody! And I feel that if you are on this website then you will~! We moved out to the country last May, and we need to move back to town ( gas is too expensive besides other things!) My son and I started a little flock of chickens-now we have to find them a good home by this weekend- our neighbors had told us they would take our chickens, but just yesterday they changed their minds! So could anybody help me on here?!
we have 2 male Rhode Island Red roosters ( they just started cock-a-doodle-doing a couple of weeks ago) they grew up together so they don't fight
1 Female Rhode Island Red she just started laying brown eggs
1 female white rock chicken that lays brown eggs
All of the chickens have wonderful personalities-
We also have two silkies, but we are trying to find out if we can take them with us- they are our favorites! If we can't take them with us, then I will post them on here too-----she has a brood of six eggs that are going to hatch anyday- THANK YOU!!!
I live in Morgantown, Indiana

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