HELP!!!!! I just got babies now what? NEW PICS ADDED


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Apr 21, 2007
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I went to take some sikies to a guy I sold them to. When I got there he had baby muscovies. He gave me three of the babies now what. I've never raised ducks before just chickens.


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Can we see pics? I love ducklings!

When I get ducklings from my feed dealer, I just put them under a clear bulb light in a big wooden box my grandpa made me. I line the box with newspaper that I change daily. I give them unmedicated crumble feed in a peep feeder and a tiny little container or lid of a container (depending on their age) full of water. I usually get a dozen ducklings at a time so this should work for your ducklings. Good Luck!!!!
Any light bulb will explode when splashed with water white or red. The more powerful it is the more likely is going to explode on contact with water cause hotter it runs.

I hang my infrared bulb 18-24 inches above the floor for ducklings. Young ducklings will not splash water high until they grow a bit, then they do not need heat.
I found a great idea on here from someone of using a butter or cottage cheese tub for a waterer. You will probably just need a small one when they are so small. I cut a slice out of the lid, just big enough for them to get their head through and a little extra....then put the lid back on the tub and fill it with water. I put a couple of large marbles in to weigh it down and put the water in. This will keep the from getting in the water and drowning... and help keep their brooder drier. I use old towels on the bottom of their brooder when they are young... I change them a couple of times a day. When they get a little older I use pine shavings. (Do not use cedar shavings - as it causes respiratory problems) Good luck - they are very cute.

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