Help! I just went into lockdown mode with my chicks.


Jun 19, 2017
as I said, I just went into lockdown with the chicks, and I'm having problems. The humidity is staying around 73 after I added all the water, is this fine for hatch? If not how do I lower it?
73 is absolutely fine. I hatch with higher humidity for my quail. The only time humidity is an issue is if it's high at the beginning of incubation and the eggs don't lose enough moisture. The chicks then don't have enough oxygen to sustain them in the air cell until they make an external pip (they don't drown - they suffocate). Make sure you have your vents open and your babies should be just fine. Good luck!
But it's my first time I can't stop panicking! And I called farm innovations, they told me to unplug the plugs AFTER the chicks start to hatch. Is that because it's circulated air? And now it's 75. Great
Thet told you to unplug the vent holes because when the chicks start to hatch, the humidity will skyrocket. Plus this will let some oxygen in.

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