Help! I need advice on Genesis 1588 and humidity!

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    I just read an article about hatching and not putting much if any water in your incubator..Genesis type. I have a 1588 and have kept water in two of the trays through the incubation and we are now at day 16...what should I do at this point about trying to adjust what may be a too high of humidity...Can some of you experienced hatchers advise! I did just take one of the vent plugs out as advised by the article...should I take the other plug out, the one with the cord in it. And should I take any of the water out of it. Looks like there's about half or less of the tray with water in it.
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    Do you not have a hygrometer? I have never tried it without one! You can get an Accurite at Lowes for 15 bucks. Well worth it if you plan on hatching eggs successfully! I never so much as looked at the box instructions. Sorry. Not sure where you are but I use low humidity days 1-18 as in 35ish%. On day 19 I go up to 55% after my first pip up it to 65%. I do hope I have helped. With my 1588 I add water about every other day or when it gets down in the 25% range. After lock down I pretty much am sitting on the bator with a flash light hooked to my head.

    I would worry with it being so high throughout incubation. The eggs need to loose some moisture to develope the air sacs properly. How did the air sacs look? That will be a huge indicator as to where you need to be humidity wise. Not sure I would try to take the water out with the eggs in there and opening the other vent may help but, I do not think will make much of a difference if it has been extremly high days 1-16. I suspect the air sacs are small. If it were me I would open the other vent. It is hard judging humidity on the 1588 glass as it rarely fogs up even at 65%. It was designed that way. I ran a few wet hatches in the beginning and did have chicks hatch so I think some of yours may still hatch. When I say wet I mean 45-55% humidity days 1-18 but I switched to a dry hatch after one try and hatched out 100% a few time.

    Good luck please keep me updated.

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