*HELP* I need feeding advice for my BBB and Giant Whites


5 Years
Apr 1, 2014
I'm new to turkeys and saw these guys at the feed store and fell in love with them! They're our pets, they will NOT be ate. The problem I'm having is they're the Broad Breasted Bronze (American Bronze) and the Giant White (2 of each). I've been reading they're for meat and not pets and they grow way too fast. What I want to know is what do I feed them? I've read how I don't need to feed them too much but what exactly do I need to feed them and how much? I want them to grow up healthy and strong. I've got them on a 24% starter feed now. They're under red light right at 85 degrees. They're going on 5 weeks old now. They love to get out of their brooder and run, fly and just play! Very active and very loving! It would break my heart if something happened to them so that's why I want to give them the best start ever! Please help by telling me where do I go from here! Thanks!
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Starter feed for poults and reg chicken feed at about 16 weeks. How did you do with these guys? I'm looking through thousands of posts now trying to find someone who has bbb and successfully kept them as pets. I've got a Tom that is about 30 pounds and I don't want to put him down but he's just so big and he's fighting with my other Tom. Anyway just curious on your update.

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