Help I need more eggs!

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    Mar 13, 2010
    Levelland, Texas
    Is there any tips or tricks to help optimise egg production. Yes I know that it is hot here like close to or 100 every day for a few weeks, but my hens are slowing down, and I have more and more people wanting to get on my weekly egg list, and I can't keep up with demand. I have 50 chicks in the brooder right now, but they won't start laying until Haloween. [​IMG]
    I feed layena, some corn, some weat, like a pint of each per pen, so I don't think I am diluting the laying pellet too much am I? They always have plenty of water too. I know stress is a big deal, so I try not to stress them!
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    Mar 14, 2011
    I'm in west TX and it's REALLY HOT here too. I have my chickens on nothing but Layena and let them out every day to free-range our large backyard (I only have 8) and find shade. I have a really large bush that I flood every night with water - they spend a lot of time "dust" bathing and hanging out there every day to stay cool. I can't tell you if it's helping their laying or not as my girls are just starting to lay and I'm getting a pretty steady 4 eggs a day - and I know that not all of them are laying yet. But, I do know they're staying as cool as possible and are eating well. Oh, I tried a mister and fan and they hated both. Good luck!

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