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    Apr 22, 2011
    OK I have 3 different sets of chickens. One set are 4 hens 2 (barred rock and buff orpington) are 3 years old and 2 (red blue laced wynodottes) are 2 years old. My middle set are around 3 months old and are Easter Eggers. One of my hens is their mother and they are at the age to where she doesn't like them anymore :( so of course she gives them a peck from time to time. Now, my last set is around 2 months old they are the babies. Everybody tries to get a shot in on them from time to time. I am trying to convert them to the coop. yes I know they are old enough to be out there that's not the problem I have had them out there several times already. They still love to stretch their legs out and lay down instead of roost so I put them a chair in the coop to sleep in. My prob is I went out there yesterday morning to let everyone out and the 2 youngest were hid out in the coop. I noticed a good amount of feathers that had been pecked out of one of them. that makes it hard to leave everybody together. They free range most all the time. Each group hangs with their group. I am going out of town in October for 4 days. My friend that usually tends and babys my chickens will be out of town that week too. I know I cant leave the youngest ones with everybody else I am afraid they will really hurt them. They will have to be in the pen while we are gone. I have a friend that has a barn and horse stalls. I was thinking about taking the middle set and the younger set and let her keep them over there just to keep everybody from getting pecked to death while we are gone. I know I will have to the 2 youngest ones but I am thinking about doing the same with the middle ones to because all the oldest ones like to get at them also. any suggestions or does this sound good. my only problem with taking them over there is knowing the will have to stay in the horse stall and not get to free range. and no there wont be any horses in there with them. advice please
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    Apr 22, 2011
    [​IMG]This is my set up. We added an additional 12X12 addition for them to have more room. My Main pen is 10X20 plus the additional 12x12 for 10 chickens. what do yall think now? I have decided to leave everybody here that's why we added on. the middle ones will be with the big ones but they will have I think plenty room so no one is really bothering no one. I am going to section off probably a 6x6 or 8x8 for the 2 littler ones to be away from everybody but all still together if that makes any sense. what do yall think?
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    Apr 22, 2011
    I am a
    worried chicken mother!! I cant help it
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    The more you work through your concerns, the better the answers you come up with.

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    There is a thread in here that answers your questions better than I can with pictures and the like. Buddy gave his younger birds sanctuary in areas where the younger birds could access to get away from the dominate hens. Also he employed several feeding and watering stations to give the birds freedom and a bit of solitude away from each other. Maybe someone can direct you to said thread.

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