HELP! I think I'm turning into a chicken.


7 Years
Jul 10, 2012
The Foothills Of Chickendom
I have recently found myself doing chicken-like things around the place, for instance today I was playing with the dog and chickens in the garden when all of a sudden I hear a faint clucking, the clucking of hen warning her flock of a raptor ( yes, I know all their calls
). Is it one of my hens? It sounded like one of my RIR bantams but I had to make sure. So like an over protective rooster I ran bare foot about half a mile away to seek out the source of this noise. I finally reached an old shed behind a big wooden fence and inside was where the sound was coming from. Even though I couldn't manage to see the hen I knew that it was defiantly not one of my hens ( again I know all of their calls
I returned home and was immediately welcomed backed by the chickens.

Has anyone else discovered some symptoms of chicken-like behavior of their own
Lol, yep! You are not alone. I have even started recognizing the voices some of my girls! I can be in the house and suddenly one of the girls starts alerting. Sometimes its Louise, but she is always mad about somthing, or Lady Hawksley, who wasnt paying attention and found herself alone, but if its Spade or Dory, my 2 top hens, I drop everything and book it outside to check! Its like I have picked up traits of a rooster!

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