HELP I think my Leila is sick

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    Mar 21, 2012
    A few days ago I noticed something wrong with my Production Red Leila. She had lost/plucked all of her tail feathers out. she also looked off. It seemed she was loosing feathers cause I could see some white fluff from underneath showing. I also noticed her face looked funny- like she had rolled in dirt while wet... which could have happened since there was alot of rain recently.
    We have had lots of stress in the flock, a coyote got my BO hen and one of her pullets and yesterday one of my roos broke his neck in a freak accident. I went out today to give treats and snapped this pic of Leila, something isn't right.
    My flock is 3 Black Ameruacanas (no sign of illness), 3 Production Red hens (2 look normal Leila is the other), a Barn mix cockerel(might have some weirdness on his head as well), 1 BO pullet (no sign of illness). All have lots of energy and free range on 1.5 acres daily. They are cooped at night in a large ventilated coop.
    HELP! I can't take another loss.
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    Apr 15, 2010
    Forest Grove, OR
    I wonder if she is going through a stress molt... Is she still eating and drinking well? Have you checked her and and your "barn mix cockerel" for bugs?

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