Help I think my pekin duck is dying


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Jul 30, 2016
Detroit michigan
I need help with my duck I think it's going to die over the last two days it has gotten worse at first it was just falling over and losing balance and as of today it will not keep balance at all it does not have any oil in its feathers when it gets in water it stays wet for a few hours until it dries completely from the sun it will not keep its balance at all and when i put it in water it wont float it flips over in the water too and when i put it on its feet it will not stand on its feet it stumbles over on its back it does not have any balance whatsoever its also losing weight and whiteness it will eat but only if i hold it up and hand feed it, i have 1 other pekin that is 100% fine and my 3 calls are ok too please tell me what i can do
I don't know if ducks get Marek's disease like chickens but, it sounds like similar symptoms. Ducks also can have a niacin deficiency which causes trouble with walking and balance. I would think tho, if the other ducks eat the same food - they would be suffering from that also.
Hi and welcome to BYC - I hope the peeps on the forums mentioned are able to help you.

Best wishes

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