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I went to pick up 3 Barred Rocks I found on Craig's list yesterday, and the guy offered me a white one for free because she is blind in one eye. He said she was a Plymouth Rock, but she looks more like a Delaware to me. It doesn't really matter, I just like to know what I've got. Opinions, anybody?
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X2, she does look more like a Delaware, some hatcheries do have Columbian Rocks, not sure what that mixed with Barred would look like.
Thanks for the input. The guy told me he bought them from McMuray Hatchery. I didn't see Columbian rock on their website. He didn't call her a Colombian, he just said she's Plymouth Rock. I think he may have been confused.
Plymouth Rock is the breed name. Barred, columbian, blue, black are the varieties of a breed, some breeds have more some have less. Your hen looks like a delaware since the neck is dotted.
Thanks. I knew there were differet varieties of the breed. I just didn't think she looked like any of them. It's looking like Delaware is the winner here. :)
Thanks everyone for the input. :) My husband was worried about how she'll do since she's blind in one eye. But I think she will adjust and do fine. I think she'll turn out to be a sweetie once she gets used to us too.
I agree, she's a Delaware.

I once had a Buff Orp hen that was blind in one eye. She got along with the other birds okay and did just fine. However I wouldn't recomend free-ranging your hen, at least not without supervision, because when our Pyrenees pups got to the playful age the blind Buff Orp apparently didn't see them and was caught off guard and they "played" with her, probably for a half hour or more before I went down to the barn to collect eggs and noticed the pups with a chicken. The poor girl didn't have any puncture wounds or broken bones but was about half plucked and sopping wet with saliva and quite traumatized when I found her. She seemed to fully recover though within few days, minus still being half-plucked. She was the only chicken the pups ever got a hold of out of 60+ free ranging. Other than that little episode, the blind hen did just fine and I later sold her along with the rest when I needed to clear out that coop.
@ cowgirl The poor baby!! Thank you for the input. Unfortunately, I can't free range where I live - too many predators & not enough space anyway. The last time I tried that did not turn out well. And this is why I was without chickens for about 4 years, I think (lost track). We just restarted our flock. I'm so excited to have chickens again, and trying to learn as much as I can. I didn't know squat before. Lol.
Anyway, I appreciate everyone's responses! I feel confident now that she is a Delaware, not a Plymouth Rock.

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