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I would like to see if anybody can help me ID these. My flock consists of 6 and I believe 5 are pullets and one I believe to be a rooster but not 100%. My father in law hatched these from a batch of mixed eggs he got from a cousin and he kept 9 that he was sure were roosters. Most of his are crowing by now but mine hasnt really crowed but does make noises like he is trying. These were all hatched on the same day and are about 15 weeks old.

Here is the flock all together

this is the one I believe to be a rooster

This one is interesting because it has a little mohawk




What is an EE? Are the red headed ones the ones you think could be sexlinks?

She does indeed have 5 toes. We thought it was like a birth defect or something. So silkies all have 5 toes?
I have not clue what breeds might have been mixed here, but you sure have a beautiful flock. I would agree on your rooster suspect - looks very much like a boy.
This is just my guess, but I bet the cousin has a Black Australorpe rooster who is the father of all these. Your rooster looks like a BA/ Rhode Island cross. Your darkest black pullet looks pure (?) BA. The other black is BA/RIR cross. The two redheads are BA/EE cross. And the one with the mohawk: silkie (5 toes), EE and BA. In any case, they are beautiful birds and I can't wait to hear what colors the eggs are!

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