Help Identifying a Hen?

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6 Years
Sep 21, 2013
Richmond, VA
I got this cute, little hen (who I call Helen) from a chicken swap in Virginia a few months ago. It only occurred to me that I have no idea what she is when a friend asked about her! I know very little about the gal. Helen is a special needs chicken, as she is blind in one eye. Her previous owner couldn't keep her because his other hens were picking on her. According to him, she is white because of a recessive gene within her breed (the breed which he failed to mention, lol), which could also be the cause of her blindness. She lays medium-sized white to off-white eggs (she's also a pretty good layer; an egg almost every day!), and has a very sweet and curious disposition, if any of that helps with identifying her.
Here are a few pictures! Sorry if the quality isn't the best; I only have a camera phone!

As I said, Helen is blind in one eye. When she's sees something neat, she likes to stretch her one good eye as close to it as possible to get a good look! In this case, it was my phone!

The pictures may not illustrate this well, but her beak, legs and toenails are also very white! I'm thinking I may have been suckered into taking home a blind mutt of a bird! But she's such a sweetie, I couldn't care less if that was the case!
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While I was aware of sex links, I've never heard of an amber link. Bear with me, this is still my first year with chickens. :)
She's really pretty, thanks for sharing!
There's no recessive gene tied to the color white that causes blindness.

I'm not familiar with all the hybrid layers but my guess would be a tetra tint hen. If she lays well and makes you happy, that's what matters!

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