Help identifying breed of day old chicks


13 Years
Apr 13, 2010
These are chicks from my son's classroom. We plan on taking 4 of them. The teacher wasn't sure of the breed, but I'm thinking they are Buff Orpingtons. They were hatched from brown eggs. I haven't had a chance to spend much time checking them out, but did get a couple pics. They are all mostly a buff color, but some do have small black spots.

Any other guesses? ;)

I'm hoping for all girls, but luck of the draw will tell us otherwise. I'm going to try the wing feather length test too.

We picked out 4 chicks....all look the same, but some have a little darker fur around the neck (not this one).

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I agree that they look like white leghorns. My Buff Orpington looked more gold as a chick. However, I am not sure about the black dots.... Hope you get the girls that you are aiming for!
Does it make a difference that they came from brown eggs?

I just read a post about Tetra Tints, with pictures that look JUST LIKE my chicks....time to do more research.

I'm thinking the ones with black spots may be California Whites. I have three that looked that way when they were new - now they're a few weeks old - whiter and with bigger areas of black spots - cute anyway. But wait, California Whites lay white eggs so I would think they would come from white eggs - so that guess is probably wrong.
Ooops, I totally missed the part about the brown eggs!! Well, then maybe white rocks? I am not familiar with tetra tints.
Since they came from brown eggs, they can't be Leghorns. They are most likely White Rock Cornish crosses. Not Buff Orps, I'll tell you that
White Rocks seems likely. I would hope for a Rock as opposed to a Cornish.


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