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Apr 20, 2013
I bought six chicks from Tractor Supply two weeks ago. They are doing brilliantly and I hope to move them to their new coop outside soon. But I'd like to know what breed I'm dealing with. They are supposed to be pullets and I can tell that I have three each of two different breeds. When I first got them, three were a very pale yellow while the other three were more of a buff color with two slightly darker stripes down their backs. I'm going to try to attach some photos of them now. I've had them two weeks so I'm guessing they are about 3 or 4 weeks old?

Yes, very much so. When I go to feed them or change their water, they lose their minds for a few moments. I'm trying to get them used to me because I would very much like to free range them during the day but I need to be able to reliably get them back in the coop at night. :)
I say Leghorn with even more confidence now. The up side is that they are less likely to get eaten by a predator due to their flighty nature. They will also lay A LOT of large white eggs.

The other one in the photo I am not so sure on. Hopefully someone else can give you insight.
Thanks for your help! We are enjoying them so much and we have lots of room for them to range, so I'm hoping this will be a win-win situation! And I'm really looking forward to the eggs! :D
These were not straight run but were supposed to be "guaranteed" pullets. So I'm hoping that's what we have. I don't want to have to rehome any Roos but I don't want to slaughter either. How old do they need to be to get an idea of gender?

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