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Mar 21, 2015
Erlanger, KY
Hi! This is our first time with ducklings and I'm looking for help to figure out what breeds we may have picked up at TSC. There are 10 different ducklings. I tried to get pictures of the front and back of each duckling, but they have gotten a bit mixed up here. The one that is all brown is a solid dark brown. The photo washed out its color. Thanks for any help!

20180310_203750.jpg 20180310_203741.jpg 20180310_204502.jpg 20180310_204659.jpg 20180310_204549.jpg 20180310_204556.jpg 20180310_204640.jpg 20180310_204652.jpg 20180310_204725.jpg 20180310_204740.jpg 20180310_204744.jpg 20180310_204810.jpg 20180310_204819.jpg 20180310_204829.jpg 20180310_204903.jpg 20180310_204955.jpg 20180310_205014.jpg 20180310_204906.jpg 20180310_204917.jpg 20180310_204936.jpg 20180310_204942.jpg


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Hey, the ones that are all brown with black legs are probably Khaki Campbells and the ones with yellow on their feet look like Golden Hybrid Layers. Tractor Supply gets their ducks from Hoover's Hatchery (at least the ones in my area do. I'm in SC) so I'd check out the hatchery's website to see what all they offer. Metzer Farms is a different hatchery, but they have pictures of several breeds as ducklings.

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