Help identifying my boy please.

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May 29, 2020
Cairo, Alabama
This is d'Artagnan and if you could help identify him I would appreciate it. He has a brother Fred and I got both as a Christmas present from my wife. Thanks in advance. Oh and sometimes his feathers look teal colored in the sunlight.


Hmm..the body type looks kind of like a leghorn but the color is somewhat close to birchen or exchequer or mottled. Those colors are not currently APA-recognized colors for Leghorns, but he could be from someone's project lines. And, if the dark spots on the legs are permanent, not just dirt, then that suggests Houdan, which is the only breed I can find in my standard with spotted legs/feet. The color suggests Houdan, too, but Houdans have a crest and five toes. I am guessing a mix.

For reference, feather links for Leghorn:

And for Houdan:
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