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Dec 29, 2010
Something's tring to dig into my run, not sure what it is though. The holes are about 1-2 inches in diameter & it's happening at night. Luckily so far, it's digging in the area where I have hardware cloth down on the ground. I live in the northern bay area. I know we have raccoons but the hole's way too small. Any ideas? Thanks!
It could be a skunk or a weasel. Snunks usually have a cone shaped hole if they don't go too deep. Might have to get you a trap to see what you may have. Might even be a neighbors cat. Not being smart but you would just about have to see it to know what it is. The one time I don't have to question it is when the skunks come around.
My first thought was cats actually. Mynew neighbor has at least 3 and they're in my yard all of the time. But I thought that cats didn't dig. I'm thinking maybe rats? Can a skunk really fit in a hole that small?
I vote "no cat". They don't really dig, except to bury their "treasures"

Yes a skunk can go through a 2" wide hole. I saw that with my own eyes. Had one in with the goats about 2 weeks ago and when I shood him out it went through the fence. It is 2x4 welded wire. I couldn't believe it. it was a big skunk. Cats will do some strange things to get what they want. That's a good one Jennh. You are probably right but I have seen mine dig before but I am pretty sure they wouldn't try to dig into a coop. They would probably try to find the easiest way in.
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If you are really concerned that you might have a predator, you can pickup a motion detecting light and focus it on your coop area. This can sometimes give you a chance to see what it is if you can view your coop the moment the light comes on. But they probably won't stay too long after that light comes on! I also noticed that several farming supply stores are now offering devices that come on when it starts getting dark and then turns off in the day light.

These devices emit either one or two red lites that go off and then back on all on their own and will last for up to 3 years. The predators that come by your area in theory, will take off when they see these red lights, mistaking them for another predator.

Check out the "Solar nite eyes" at, or the "Nite Guard Solar" at

I have not tried them myself and they cost around $20 each. If your handy with soldering and electronics, you can find similar kits that you can build for $10 or less at called a jumbo led or their mini 2 LED Blinker.

Just a suggestion.

We had a skunk problem at my childhood house. And the neighbor dogs. Good, buried chicken wire under the coop kept them out.

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