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    New to BYC, but I've been lurking for quite sometime and have learned a great deal. Right now I have 10 chickens and three guinea chicks. My older batch of four chickens are approximately 11 weeks old. I bought them straight run at TSC to begin my flock. The rooster of the group, Roberto, isn't a Plymouth Rock like the others. TSC told me he must've gotten mixed in during shipping, and that they're not sure what breed he is (this was when he was only four weeks old).

    He has always been the sweetest bird, but lately has been getting agressive with the hens and with me. Today he pecked me and screeched when I tried to pick him up. I'm guessing it's his age and developmental changes? They free range almost all day so I don't think it is boredom. I also have six red ranger pullets that are five weeks old that I keep separate from the older ones because he has gone after them as well.

    1. Any ideas on Roberto's breed?
    2. Should I get rid of him because of his increasing aggressiveness? We have three small kids that I worry about.

    Thanks! [​IMG]
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    I can't help with the breed but there is lots of info on this site about rooster behaviour. Just search for that, or 'cockerel behaviour'. There's bound to be an article about it that someone has written. Good luck.
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    Welcome to BYC! He's sort of colored like a Red Sex-Link, but he's got a lot more red in him than I've seen. If I had to guess I would say RSL, though. Sounds like he's hitting roo puberty. Being a little more aggressive to the hens should be expected as he will be trying to mate with them, if he already hasn't. Has he tried to charge at you before? I will say I've gotten a swift peck from roos when I've had to handle them, but nothing beyond that (they all throw conniption fits too when I get ahold of them). However, if he has lunged at you, that is outright aggression and he should be gotten rid of. Aggressive roosters can be very dangerous to small kids. I would suggest that if you feel uncomfortable around him, to cull or re-home him. Always better safe than sorry when dealing with kids. Raising chickens is too rewarding of an experience for your kids to miss out on due to a jerk of a roo, and you shouldn't have to worry about their safety because of him. However, if you've not experienced any more aggression outside of this, it could have been he simply didn't appreciate being handled.
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