Help IDing Predator


6 Years
Mar 17, 2013

We just got our first loss due to a predator. The brooder cage door got was left opened.

First off there were tons of feathers from the white chick that got killed. Few from the other two.

One chick was found alive with a prolapsed anus and in severe shock. This was a 8 week old bantam.

Right now, I am assuming 3 chicks dead all about 8 weeks: 1 golden comet, 1 buff orpington and one very large mutt chick that weighed 2.5 lbs at 8 weeks.

In the brooder was a large number of white feathers (from the mutt chicken). There were a few buff colored feathers, not many so I am hoping that either the buff or golden is just hiding. There was no blood.

The small cat we have might have done it.We aren't certain. My dog was inside so it couldn't have been him.

Any clue folks?

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