HELP, I'm a Newbie and I Think I Have Too Many Roosters!


Apr 28, 2016
I bought 5 chicks, straight run, back in March. I thought I was lucky to have 1 rooster and 4 hens. NOT SO MUCH!
I'm posting their pictures below. My friend, who has raised chickens his whole life, told me I have 5 roos. I'm in denial but I think he's right. ugh!

Her are their pictures: I have 2 Rhode Island Reds, a Barnevelder, a Beilefelder, and an EE. All are the same age.

Probably a roo though! I just read another post and realized it's a roo.

Thanks for your help!
How old are your reds? We have 2, one we think may be a roo and the other we know is a hen. Ours are 10-12 weeks old, but we are also trying to figure out male/female chicken. 1 of ours has a big comb, but the other hasn't developed such.
My Reds were born the first week of March. They're about 20 weeks old. All of them are actually. I bet you have one of each.

I thought all roosters had large combs, I guess that's not true of Americaunas. I have SO much to learn!
I got my first chickens in April, and we have the same problem with our RIR. One of them is obviously a female in our flock, but the other has a huge comb and big waddles. We fear that we have to get rid of the chicken if it does turn out to be a roo. Only one thing you can do I guess, and that's wait until you hear it's ca-caw. :p
All roosters and the first one has gorgeous coloration

Thank you! Fluffy Jr has amazing color too. I'll find another angle of him.


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