HELP!!!! I'm not sure what is wrong with my girls!


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Jun 16, 2015
I have treated for mites with coop dust (on them and in their nesting beds and roosts), I have let it be (I thought molting as their downy feathers seem to be visible)...I am at my WITS END! Anyone have any suggestions? The girls are a little over a year old (had them as chicks from April 2015).

Could this be the longest moult ever with pecking? Is this some mutant mite that wont die? This started in APRIL (we are in MA). All but ONE easter egger who has been wearing pinless peepers since May have feather loss- I thought she was the bully and picking as she still has no feathers missing. All 4 of them have the same pattern in one form or another of feather loss, we don't have a roo. I just switched their food to a feather fixer feed recommended by my co-op with minimal results after 2 weeks. 4 of the 5 are laying normally (easter eggers) and 2 barred rock are sparse and give me occasional fairy eggs or normal jumbo.

They are all acting normal, not scratching (that i can see other than normal preening) and run around our yard like they are having the time of their lives. We have a sand run, 2 nesting boxes (Except they all use one favorite of the day), and a large coop with pine bedding. 2 large roosting areas as well- other than their feather loss these girls live at the ritz....but we are obviously doing something wrong!

PLEASE if anyone has any suggestions, it would be most appreciated. I love my girls, and my next step is the vet if I cant find something that works.

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