Help!!! I'm panicking on what type of feed to feed my chicks!


7 Years
Jan 28, 2012
So for the past two years, I've been lingering around BYC. Finally, after two years of waiting, I now have four chickens- two that've just started laying, and two two week olds. But the problem is, when I got the two week olds, I was given some chick starter feed. I read that after starter feed ,you're supposed to feed them grower feed right? so, I went to the feed store, and there's no layer grower,so I bought broiler grower instead. It has 19% protein, and it contains anticocidiosat. Did some research, it's said that many feed producers produce only one grower feed for both layers and broilers. But then another website said that growing pullets aren't supposed to eat feed that contains too much protein, it's supposed to be 16-18%. Please help me!!!:( dying of confusion over here :/
I've read the same thing but I favor higher protein for growing birds especially in the first 7 weeks or so. I really don't think 19 is too high so I think you're OK for now.
For the most part the vitamin/mineral/trace elements will be the same.
I would, however try to find something else eventually, something non-medicated.
Currently I have starter, broiler grower and layer. So should I start mixing some broiler grower into their starter? Thanks alot! :)

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