Help! I'm very confused about DE and prevention of lice/mites!

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    May 24, 2016
    I need some input please! I am getting my first day old chicks tomorrow and I am panicking that I should have put a preventative down for lice/mites before getting them. I am using an existing coop and run that was on our property when we bought it and hasn't been cleaned or used in a few years. I scaped and shoveled everything out and sprayed a 50/50 vinager water solution on everything. I originally was told by a friend who raises chickens to use Pimeathran livestock powder and put it all thru the coop. But as I read it and started preparing to do it, realized I could not bring myself to put such a harsh chemical near my chickens (or my 2 and 4 yr old who will be helping me raise them) so then I was looking at using DE. But even on here there are such mixed thoughts on weather to use it or not. Any suggestions please!
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    What you described as a harsh chemical is in reality just a manufactured version of the old stand by Marigold flowers that 1960 hippies used to keep insect pest from getting stoned by eating their Mary Jane plants. Chill-out.

    BTW, 50/50 water vinegar is in reality just 2.5% vinegar because vinegar is 95% good old fashion H2O to begin with. 2.5% vinegar however is perfect for making dill pickles.

    Get the liquid Pimeathran because it is easier to apply to the coop as well as the bird using a pump-up hand sprayer. Also Pimeathran impregnated water doesn't fly everywhere like a powder or dust will. As a special added attraction Pimeathran is a insect repellant, DE is not and besides DE's usefulness is highly doubtful.
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