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    Ok when I first decided to get chickens I contacted Animal services to find out if they were legal. They said that they were as long as they were contained and that they considered a backyard fence containment. They also said that there was no law against roosters but your neighbors could complain and you may loose him based on him being a nuisance. So I read in several other places that there are no laws against keeping chickens in Memphis TN. So three years later we are having a blast with the chickens then yesterday a friend who also has chickens and has had them for a year got a notice that he was in violation of a zoning law. So he went down to talk them with all of the info from Animal Control and they said "Well you just can't have them", I love these kind of responses. The city worker refused to acknowledge the info from AC. So anyway my friend has hired an attorney and is going to go fight this.

    So I guess my question is what do we do. Who do we contact to get this changed ETC....

    Any help would be great.
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    Was there an amendment to the bylaws and zoning issues of your town? Sometimes small things (not really small to you) slip into new legislation each year like that. There's some tiny post in the newspaper about it and then next thing you know they are rounding up animals. A lawyer will definitely help, but if all you guys got was verbal response and no paperwork, you might be on the outs. If it was an old law legally, then you might be able to "grandfather" to keep your flock... but not be allowed to add to it. That sucks. Plus-- is your neighbor right next door or i it possible he's across some city "zoning line" that you are not?

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