Help incubating for the first time


5 Years
Jul 23, 2014
So I am freaking out and at a loss for what to do. This is my first time with an incubator. Just got it Friday, May 1st. We have 2 broody hens that have been setting for some time. Some of our stubborn hens still climb in the nest over the broody hen and lay eggs, making it difficult for our bantam hens to hatch their eggs. Since getting the incubator, we put some eggs from under the broody hens in the incubator. Since Saturday was considered the first day of full incubation, we candled for the first time last night. We seen very different stages of development and now I am freaking out as to what to do. I do not have another incubator to move them too. Should I take more developed eggs back to a broody hen or put them in a brooder box with a heat lamp to finish hatching? One of the broody hens just hatched a baby, so maybe she can finish out this hatch. There are only 2-3 that are close to pip? There are no pips in the eggs yet, but some are very early stages so they would still need turning. I'm at a complete loss for what to do? Help.....

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