Help! Incubator in car?


Apr 15, 2017
Shelby County, Alabama
I am on day 22 of my first egg hatch. 9 still in the Bator (most have pipped- all are chirping).
My issue is this: we are going on a 4 hour trip tomorrow (Tuesday), and won’t be coming home until Saturday. Since we will be gone longer than 3 days, I have no choice but to take them with me; no one to feed them, maintain humidity levels, etc.
Has anyone ever used an inverter for the car, to travel with eggs that are literally hatching?
I agree but I would try to go slow and steady in the car you don't want the eggs to roll around to much and be in the wrong spot for hatching!! Also you don't want to get them dizzy :p I wish you lots of luck with the car ride and your baby chicks! :fl

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